Online dating timeline

What is the timeline for online dating, and what exactly are the etiquette rules?

About three weeks ago, a guy messaged me on OKCupid.

After one email I would write "I much prefer talking to typing -can you please send me your number so we can see if it makes sense to meet in person?

And I thought of it as arranging a first meet in order to see if we should go on a date (which he would ask for even if he didn't suggest the first meet).

) and/or people in relationships looking for a cheap thrill.

So I don't blame you for wanting to meet sooner rather than later. If they don't suggest a meet-up within 3 or 4 emails, you should or move on.

They want to impress you without being dishonest, and most are afraid to screw up. Most women would probably consider that "coming on too strong" if a guy were to just say "hey, we should meet up" after just a few messages.

As a guy, I would be afraid to ask for a females number or a face to face.. If you like this guy, keep talking to him and maybe give him your # to show him that you are. He's probably taking the opportunity in the messages to get to know you further and assess whether or not he should ask you to meet up or not.

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Most guys probably are a little intimidated by females on dating sites.The amount of time and messages each woman needs before meeting, or even exchanging phone numbers, varies widely.When I found someone interesting, I usually waited for a few days or a few messages before suggesting we meet.I responded, and since then we've messaged back and forth about three or four times.The messages were interesting and he seemed fun, but after the fourth message with still no suggestion on his part to meet up or even have my phone number, I figured he wasn't really looking for anything but an online pen-pal.

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