Pago pago island dating

It is a 20-acre recreational complex and culture center.It is also home to the 10,000 capacity Veterans Memorial Stadium.A local power plant was disabled, 241 homes were destroyed, and 308 homes had major damage.Shortly after the earthquake, President Barack Obama issued a federal disaster declaration, which authorized funds for individual assistance (IA), such as temporary housing.It trained the only Marine reserve unit to serve on active duty during World War II, namely the 1st Samoan Battalion, U. It was an important location for NASA’s Apollo program in 1961–72. The tsunami caused moderate to severe damage to villages, buildings and vehicles and caused 34 deaths.Apollo 10, Apollo 11, Apollo 12, Apollo 13, Apollo 14 and Apollo 17 landed by Tutuila Island, and the crew flew from Pago Pago to Honolulu on their way back to the mainland. Haydon Museum are displays of an American Samoa-flag brought to the moon in 1969 by Apollo 11, as well as moon stones, all given as a gift to American Samoa by President Richard Nixon following the return of the Apollo moon missions. Johnson and First Lady Lady Bird Johnson visited Pago Pago on October 18, 1966. It was an 8.3 magnitude earthquake which caused 5-feet waves to hit the city.The town is centered around the mouth of the Vaopito stream.Half of American Samoa’s inhabitants live along Pago Pago’s foothills and coastal areas.

Two tuna factories are located in the northern part of town.Fagatogo is the downtown area referred to as Town and is home to the legislature, while the executive is located in Utulei.In Fagatogo is the Fono, Police Department, Port of Pago Pago, many shops and hotels. It is in Maoputasi County on the main island of American Samoa, Tutuila.It is home to one of the best and deepest natural deepwater harbors in the South Pacific Ocean, sheltered from wind and rough seas, and strategically located.

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