Parental influence on dating

Fetus’s sensory structures are undoubtedly present early on in prenatal development.

However, studies show that, despite the fact that some learned preferences in utero last for a small window of time after birth, these preferences are not enduring and will fade before making a lasting impact on the child.

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However, after the birth of their child, parents have crucial roles in impacting different aspects of their child’s development in a variety of ways, especially regarding behavioral/social development.

Therefore, a response must occur soon after the action, especially in the case of infants, in order for the child to make the association between the consequence and action.

If a parent wants to increase the frequency of a certain behavior, they should respond with reinforcement.

Because of this, we would like to emphasize the influence parents can have on the behavioral/social development of their child and the importance or parents to utilize “authoritarian” parenting styles.

As a parent, one of the greatest influences you can have on the development of your child is the parenting style that you employ when interacting with them.

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