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She broke down as she described trying to pick up the pieces after her son was stabbed to death. The case has been viewed nearly 170 million times on Facebook and given subtitles in nine languages."I'm just really having a tough time, your honor," she told the judge through tears, as Caprio listened attentively. People from around the world weigh in on the videos about the judge's tenderhearted approach and the American court system, something Caprio mentions with pride.He works out payment plans for people who are struggling.Occasionally he loses patience, especially when he thinks the person is trying to give him "a snow job." He even gets laughs when he turns down pleas for a break. Videos featuring the kind-hearted judge have now reached hundreds of millions of views. — An 80-year-old judge is an unlikely viral video sensation, but somehow Municipal Court Judge Frank Caprio has been winning hearts and clicks on Facebook with a mix of compassion, humour and a rotating cast of the poor souls who have been ticketed in the city of Providence.

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Caprio calls children to come up on the bench to help pass judgment on their parents and makes high schoolers promise to attend college in return for dropping tickets.Singer Paula Abdul is considered a member of the family after she started dating his son, John, six years ago. Caprio, was the Democratic nominee for Rhode Island governor in 2010.Back in the courtroom, Caprio said he's not trying to change the world, but he's trying to do his part.The two, who first dated back in 1989 and have reunited a few times since then, were spotted getting cozy at a Los Angeles Dodgers game on May 1.Now, sources say they’re both ready to pick up where they last left off.

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