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The play tells the stories of three women who, despite the fact that they have nothing in common at first sight, bound together by their personal tragedy.

Synopsis by When tenuous couple Siyavash and Elnaz join their friends Hamid and Mahsa for a trip to the coast, they are dismayed by the unexpected arrival of Siyavash's former lover Bita and her husband Babak.

She made her professional entry into cinema with Dariush Mehrjui's 'Leila' as the title character at the age of 24. Morteza, a teenager passionate about film, is trying to achieve his dreams. Actors : Hengameh Ghaziani ( هنگامه قاضیانی ), Niki Karimi ( نیکی کریمی‎ ), Bita Farahi ( بيتا فرهی ), Mehdi Ahmadi ( مهدی احمدی ), Hamid Farrokhnejad (حمید فرخ نژاد), Amir-Hossein Arman, Khatereh Asadi ( خاطره اسدی ), Saed Soheili, Farrokh Nemati ( فرخ نعمتی ), Shahrzad Kamal Zadeh (شهرزاد کمال‌زاده)'National Alley' focuses on a son's agonised efforts to help his mother, Touran, recover from an illness that left her in a vegetative state.

When he gets hold of an old photograph that portrays his mother with another man, Mansour, he teams up with Mansour's niece and tries to track him down. A student named Elham falls in love with the charming Amir, and loses her virginity.

Actors : Hamed Komeili ( حامد کمیلی ), Sara Bahrami, Homayoun Ershadi ( همایون ارشادی ), Farid Sajjadi Hosseini (فرید سجادی حسینی), Reza Sakhaei (رضا سخایی), Jahangir Mirshekari ( جهانگیر میرشکاری ), Naser Sajjadi Hosseini (ناصر سجادی حسینی), Danesh Eghba Shavi (دانش اقباشاوی), Ali Mollagholipoor (علی ملاقلی‌پور), Faezeh Alavi (فائزه علوی), Anamehr Akhlaghi (آنامهر اخلاقی), Ali Jenab (علی جناب)Leila Hatami ( لیلا حاتمی‎ ) was born on 1 October 1972.

During her childhood she appeared in several of her father's films including the historical TV series 'Hezar Dastan' and the biopic 'Kamalolmolk'. The first feature from director Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan, 21 Days Later is a different and powerful piece of story-telling.

Reza Attaran ( رضا عطاران ) is an Iranian actor, singer, writer, and director from Mashhad. He made his big debut in 1995 starring in Saate Khosh (1995-1996), directed by Mehran Modiri.

Along with the entrance of new patients to the Youth Detention Centre, strange drawings begin to appear on its walls.

One of the creators is Ehsan, a deaf-mute teenager who communicates through art.

After a few years, their romance reaches a crisis point which they need to deal with.

This delightful Iranian musical comedy is adorned with references to cinema, literature, music and, of co...

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