Php script for updating contacts

Another important feature we use for testing is the -What If parameter.I’ll give the necessary disclaimer here which is that !For the name fields there have been some issues where people have names containing spaces (e.g.

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After authenticating, add the following code to your update_script to obtain the token that was submitted and update the Find other Checkout configuration options in the docs.

If having full control over the look and feel of the form is more your style, you could use and Elements to handle this instead.

To get started, create a new PHP file called and add the Checkout form below: attribute isn’t set, which prevents an amount from being presented in Checkout. As written, the customer also has to enter their email address again here, which is a bit suboptimal, so a better solution is explained at the end of this recipe.

The process is almost the exact same as that used to create the customer and store their card details initially, with just a couple of minor changes.

One important thing to note here is you’ll need the Stripe customer ID to make the update request.

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