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When George Clooney announced this week that he and his wife, Amal, were donating 0,000 to the organisers of the March For Our Lives rally to be held in Washington D. next month (March), the usual celebrity suspects piled on.Oprah Winfrey matched George and Amal’s donation, as did Steven Spielberg. Despite the wickedness of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shootings in when 20 young school children were shot dead by a psychopath using a legally bought gun and the widespread revulsion felt through the U. and beyond, the Sandy Hook massacre didn’t translate into legislative change.Here's who's been turning up to the big day and more importantly... Abigail Spencer’s button up polka dot dress has a 40’s tea party feel to it brought up to date with it’s oversized collar and waist cinching white belt all topedoff delicately with a lace bow detail pillbox hat.

And then I wondered if I'd ever get a chance to date her." And that same month, he told E!

As Paul Waldman pointed out in the Washington Post: “the backlash is particularly acute with liberal celebrities, because their involvement in the campaign reinforces precisely the argument Republicans are trying to make, which is that Democrats are the party of the “elite” - not the economic elite, but an intellectual and cultural elite supposedly alien from the values and interests of ordinary, “heartland” Americans”.

The same could also be said of David Cameron’s championing of David Beckham’s support (the multi-millionaire footballer was then living in Los Angeles) for the Remain campaign two days before the EU referendum.

But social scientists who have examined the influence of celebrity endorsements found that a celebrity’s support can actually cost candidates votes. He found Beyoncé endorsing Hillary Clinton had a net negative effect of -19.9% (one in five voters polled were less likely to vote for Clinton because of Beyoncé’s support); guitarist Ted Nugent - who endorsed Trump - had a net negative effect on voters of -13.4%.

Bowling Green University Professor, David Jackson, surveyed the electoral effects of celebrity endorsements after the 2016 U. Either people didn’t like the celebrity in question or they just resented the fact that they were being advised to vote a certain way by someone who had no absolutely no conception of their day-to-day lives.

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