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Although your differences are vast, you also have a broad expanse of material from which to fashion your relationship.Your polar positions can actually make you a great match.Even if what Pisces is hiding is inconsequential, the act itself destabilizes the relationship.Emotional manipulation infuriates the Bull, who prefers everything above board, and hates to be blindsided.Passive-aggressive Pisces must become more assertive, and forceful Taurus should relax his domineering ways.

Moody spells are common for your signs, and digging yourselves out of emotional ditches can be a challenge.

You'll need to adapt your communication styles in order to be heard.

This is a lovely match of two pleasure-driven sensualists.

You're both dual signs: Gemini is the Twins, and Pisces is symbolized by two Fish swimming in opposite directions.

You're pop psychology's poster children for commitment-phobia. It depends on the day, the mood, the cosmic alignment.

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