Popular dating blogs

Men, on the other hand, are more likely to read content about the Super Bowl, international tensions, immigration issues, and the U. Often reading content that’s actually written by a woman enhances the experience of reading content as a woman.

The following provides a list of some of the most popular blogs written by women for women.

Her blog on fitness talks about fitness as a lifestyle choice, and provides women with tips on easy ways to get fit, her personal training routine, great healthy recipes for the whole family, how to detox, and more.

Read into your relationship helps its visitors improve the quality of their love life by providing useful articles and tips for various relationship subjects including conflict, break ups, reconnecting, marriage, affairs,...

Her blog has some great parenting tips, as well as nutrition advice for kids.

She’s even a star of HGTV’s “Child Style with Rebecca Woolf.” Not Your Average Mom – “Susie”: A 44-year-old mom of seven, a wife, and a full-time blogger.

While many blogs online are enjoyed by both men and women, there’s no doubt that the majority of men and women have different interests, hobbies, preferences, and needs.

In fact, even the type of news that women and men read is completely different – women are much more likely than men to read news about tornadoes, kidnappings, diseases, and product recalls. In other words, women read different content than men do.

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