Pornchat rooms

She filed for divorce and that scared him and he went to porno addiction support groups and prayed a lot and took his wife on a Protestant “Family Life” conference.After that conference, she decided to stay with him and they have a very happy marriage now. My husband would tell me he was not looking at porno anymore and I would find hidden magazines and movies.

I’ve been going to counseling alone because he wants nothing to do with it.

My husband of 7 years has chosen porn and chat rooms over me and my daughter. Sure we had our ups and downs, but the underlying problems were there–just hidden in the background. According to him, he apparently has no urge to do anything with me because he says he’s trying to be fair to me.

I actually found the chat room activity just tonight! He doesn’t what me to get my hopes up if we were to have sex that things were getting better.

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