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Here is the list of The 9 must-try restaurants In Calamba City.1) IPPON YARI (Click to see location, opening hours, price range and other details) Here’s to eating out of our traditional ways just to make you forget the awful feeling you have for yourself after eating cosmic proportions of ramen.But think about it, what about us, the people whose tummies always shout hungry?

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A little warning though, when the mad sumo eater deep inside you comes out, just make sure you are emotionally prepared to say which has the ability to make you feel like it’s heaven on earth, but also feel like hell at the same time.

This kitschy nook right here is one of the reasons why we keep on eating. That leaves you the question, why are there so many great tasting food out there? So here’s the list of the restaurants in Calamba which makes us suffer for the big bellies we have now.

Okay, maybe I’m just exaggerating a little on a couple of notes there. If you ever come to visit the city, be sure to try at least one of the restaurants we’ve chosen and tell us what you think!

You’ll be having good food, good drinks, and good chat with your friends for a good couple of hours in this place.

All the great food and a couple of drinks with unlimited chitchats with your friends…this sounds like a problem-free situation, right? Because you’ll surely have one when you always eat and drink.

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