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I needed something that would work with my schedule for LPN school.The interview went great and I had the second one on the spot.

“But I do know that people were discouraged from running for office if they couldn’t commit to that, and I can tell you that we are going to continue to review with those who wish to run for regional or national office that these are the standards USY has set for themselves and we want people to understand them and acknowledge them and commit [to the idea] that if they are going to be a leader, this is what they are going to do,” Rabbi Wernick said.Therefore, they need to be genuinely interested in finding their future husband.I have personally met all our ladies and give you my word that all the information and the pictures on this website are valid.If you find anyone from our ladies you think might be the one, please contact me by e-mail, or call me personally.I speak both English and German, and will make my best so you could meet your future wife, while I could have one more happy couple sending me their Christmas greetings!

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