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Those work email accounts usually contained (or at least were based on) the users' real names.John Smith might still be able to retain a bit of anonymity by getting lost in the crowd of others with the same name, but those of us with less common names had no such luck (just try finding another Debra Shinder, online or off).Identity is currently a hot topic in the IT security field, and the ability to accurately identify the persons accessing systems and networks is a key component in apprehending and prosecuting cybercriminals.I have begun a multi-part series of articles for that attempts to delve deeply into the subject of identity - what it is (and isn't), the history of identity authentication, and identity management solutions for today's organizations.We have to do those things as our "real selves." There has been talk about even allowing online voting in elections.All of this means we have to provide a means for those with whom we do business or interact officially online to verify that we really are who we claim to be.

This dissociation makes it easier for them to justify their actions and in some cases may make it more difficult for law enforcement to track them down.

When going online was just about casual chatting, playing games, and browsing the web, identity mattered much less.

Now we engage in all sorts of transactions, buying merchandise, making travel arrangements, doing our banking, paying our bills, and so forth.

The law enforcement community is focused on catching the bad guys, and thus they would prefer that all anonymity be done away with completely, just as they prefer that everyone be required to carry official ID on their persons out there in the "real world," and for the same reason: it would make their jobs easier.

Privacy advocates would prefer that none of our online activities be traceable unless we choose to explicitly make them so, because that would reduce the chances that the tracking information would be abused, whether by the government wanting to control us, by corporations wanting to profit from us, or by individuals wanting to find us for nefarious reasons.

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