Rowupdating event devexpress grid

Instead, you can use the on Cell Click option to handle the event.

When implementing a handling function for this event, use the object passed to this function as its parameter.

Refer to the Popup Configuration section to learn which fields this object can contain.

Since the popup and form modes are very similar, you can use the same Item and options to customize items and layout in both modes.

Instead, you can use the on Cell Prepared option to handle the event.

rowupdating event devexpress grid-31

Note that this object does not allow changing or configuring the editor (see Customize Editors).

You can set a column's allow Editing option to false if its data should not be edited. Changes are saved once a cell loses the focus, or discarded if a user presses Esc.

An added row is saved only when the focus is shifted from it.

This method invokes a confirmation dialog that allows a user to cancel deletion.

The following code hides this dialog, thus a row is instantly deleted from the data source: The Data Grid widget raises events before and after a row is inserted, updated or removed from the data source.

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