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On their show, Ant and Den spoofed the Byker Grove paintball episode, gave away their pop records to guests—joking they still had boxes of them left—and mercilessly teased youngsters who called in to the show.

Ant and Dec hosted SM:tv until Pop Idol came calling.

"Ryan has the appeal of a dog that has been rescued from the pound. Unlike Seacrest, they were already widely known in their country, thanks to their popular Saturday morning children's show.

Ant and Dec are Anthony Mc Partlin and Declan Donnelly. They met when cast in a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) soap opera for teens called Byker Grove in 1990.

It was followed by Ant and Dec Unzipped in 1997, but the two boyish, energetic personalities only hit their stride with SM:tv Live, a Saturday morning show aimed at young viewers on ITV.

Their antics made them popular with their target audience, but older viewers began tuning in as well.

Ant and Dec are often referred to as Britain's favorite "Geordies," a nickname for those from the north of England, who have a distinct accent.

In 2002 they became hosts of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, which was set to make its American TV debut in late 2004 on the Fox Network.

Assuming he would be fired, he went to see his boss the next day in order to apologize. If he had a tail, he'd wag it." Simon Cowell, New York Times Magazine, May 23, 2004.

He was an overweight child, teased by others, and preferred to stay indoors listening to the radio.

His fascination with the medium evolved into making his own radio show tapes, and he would give the cassettes to his parents to play in their cars.

Ryan Seacrest's career did not begin on American Idol, but the popularity of the televised talent search contest on Fox helped make him a household name by 2003.

Before taking the American Idol job, Seacrest hosted a highly rated radio show in Los Angeles that dominated the afternoon drive-time slot.

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