Sarmassophobia fear of dating scary online dating stories

Fear of the unknown causes you to play multiple possible scenarios in your head of what could happen in the future so you can try to control it by being prepared for it. I tend to overanalyze every word and action of my partner’s.

Unfortunately, this means I’m always on guard and prepared for the worst possible outcome to protect myself from the anxiety that historically comes with it. In the early stages of a relationship, panic and anxiety is rampant because I’m in a period of uncertainty.

Knowing the names of phobias can be helpful and fun, but living with phobias can be extremely painful. Many can be dealt with quickly or in a relatively short time period.

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Modern dating culture is obsessed with the idea of “perfection” and finding the perfect match.

Allowing a person with anxiety to come to you by being open and understanding will help her to trust she can be open with her feelings and avoid future explosions. Anxiety can go either way; some people close off completely and push others away when they’re experiencing the fear, doubt, worry and uncertainty (the main characteristics of anxiety), while some people become very open and communicative because it settles the worry and uncertainty faster.

People suffering from anxiety disorders in relationships tend to feel like they need to be in control of their emotions at all times and this proves difficult when the person on the other end isn’t willing to compromise with our communication style. There’s no cure for anxiety; there are only ways to cope with it.

This fear may have sprung from a traumatic event with a lover or even a dating game or even just a previous traumatic encounter.

The most accepted method of treating sarmassophobia is psychotherapy, which is used to acquire information about the fears, especially their causes.

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