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Mozart wrote this work to spearhead a successful campaign for the entry of women into the Masonic Temple.Both Emanuel Schikaneder, the Author of The Magic Flute libretto and Mozart were Masons and lodge brothers, as was Ignaz Alberti, engraver and printer of the first libretto of the opera.While any ordinary man agrees that homeopathy is a cultural topic in medicine as like as many others, Catholics should loathe any esoteric practice in the Freemasonry conceptual framework as condemned by Pope himself and Catholic Church.The Masons were one of the groups within the Deist movement (i.e.Certainly, Hahnemanns life cannot be merely confused tout court with homeopathy, yet anyway homeopathy is strongly related to his existence, choices and thoughts.

Many people in Germany, Austria and France told me that the Homeopathy doctors, while giving medicines, advise them not make the sign of the Cross or call the Name of Jesus before taking Homeo medicines, as normal Christians do everything with a sign of the Crass or a small prayer. Perhaps the Sign of the Cross or the Name of Jesus may bombard the power or energy in the Homeomedicines! Thirteen years before a catholic Homeopathy doctor asked me to bless his Homeo Clinic.

Here I publish a few articles and excerpts of some eminent doctors and experts on this matter and I leave the discernment and judgement to the readers.

Hahnemann, Freemasonry and Comunione and Liberazione: the great contradiction. How esotericism and symbols without sound evidence is a negationist approach towards reality I would like to start with a personal thinking on my own: I wondered whether some scientific journals, such as the Journal of Medicine and the Person (Springer-Verlag), and notably the Association Medicina & Persona, made up by authorative and valuable physicians and caregivers, many of which trusting Jesus Christ and belonging to the Catholic Faith within the Legacy of Comunione and Liberazione, have never been informed about the historical evidence that Christian (sic!

Gladly I went to his clinic and blessed the clinic with the normal prayers from the Roman ritual and springled the Holy Water all over as he requested.

After a few days he came and told me, Father James, after your blessing and springling of the Holy water over my clinic and medicines, I had to throw away all the medicines as they lost the "potency". Then I asked the doctor himself the reason of medicine's loosing the "potency"(power) while I prayed with the power of the Holy Spirit.

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