Sex chat numbers abroad

The sex chat is used by men - very rarely women - from all walks of life. From transvestite vicars in frilly knickers to accountants dressed as adult babies and pensioners with food fetishes.

"One regular customer only wants to hear girls eating large bags of doughnuts or big juicy apples," confides Tricia.

I would ask what kind of a girl the man wanted, age, figure, and if anything in particular turned him on.

Then, I would run upstairs and call him back, pretending to be anything from 17-year-old Lisa with schoolgirl plaits to 50-year-old Liz with the 60-inch chest.

There are further bonuses for women who receive more than 30 per cent repeat business.

The women who concentrate and sound sincere are always more successful. The Joneses are clearly prospering, despite recent measures to curb adult sex lines and premium rate calls.

This is a direct result of curbs introduced two years ago which meant all 08 numbers could only be advertised in top-shelf adult magazines.

Within two weeks, the number of callers had trebled. I had an old-fashioned religious upbringing and I was trying to work out whether what we were doing was immoral or not.

Tricia now concentrates on the accounts and marketing.

The women are paid for each call they do, receiving 15 per cent of the pounds 17.50 fee, a percentage which increases to 17.5 per cent if they are requested by the client.

Friday, 10pm: a middle-aged man lies alone on his bed wearing only underpants. She describes her long blonde hair, 40-inch bust and lacy black panties, Mr Baxter [not his real name] confesses details of his lonely life.

The telephone rings, he snatches it, excited, palms sweating."Hi, this is Penny. He is 52, and recently divorced, although he and his wife did not make love for years.

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