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Not sure what this means but maybe he was going back and changing what she did the first time so she wouldn't fly thru the windshield, because she puts the seatbelt back on. So yea Chris had to learn to sing backwards, but accurately for only the closeup portions to his face in the video.

In fact, at the very beginning, it isn't in backwards at all, he is lipsinking normally.

This fails time and time again but he keeps wanting to go back to the start because he has faith in the relationship and has learned from the experience while the other apparently has not."I think this song is about someone who percieves the world in a logical rather than an emotional way, as a scientist does to experiments, and tries to apply this logic to the relationship he is in.

'I was just guessing, numbers and figures, pulling the puzzels apart' implies he realises that he doesnt know wha to do.

'Questions of science do not speak as loud as the heart', after a seperation realising that logic cannot be applied to everything and that he is feeling emotion instead and ignoring the logic.

The "nobody said it was easy..hard means that relationships are something that we constantly have to work at cuz its an ongoing lesson of the opposite sex.

The reason i know this is because when Chris is laying down, he does not move a finger at all, but only his moving lips to the song.

When the view above Chris was much higher as he was laying down on the bed, he was able to match his lips to the song as s--tty as he wanted too.

I honestly like both Coldplay's and Willie's version of the song.

Coldplay's version seems more like a new relationship in a way with quite a bit of fighting and some separation, while Willie's cover seems more sincere with his worn, rough voice.

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