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From being forced into whoring, and fucked, home invasion, slavery and incest it's about time theses little bitches learnt that it's a Man's world.

Look at the uploads, get a feel for the group, add the Man's world moniker then spray your mind filth all over it.

But it’s just something the guy can’t help but do if he really does like you.

Any guy who likes you would want to take care of you too, so if you find a guy becoming overly concerned and caring, it probably means there’s something in the air.

He would avoid any distractions and make you the center of his attention, no matter where he is or what he’s doing.A weekend is that part of the week when we get a bit of time to relax and do what we enjoy most.But when a guy wants to spend weekends with you or wants to hang out with you, it could well mean that he’s interested in something more than just hanging out together.When we like someone, we want to be with them all the time.What better way to spend time than by spending weekends together?

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