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"Google is pleased that the decision from the Federal Court specified the standards [of] how hosting providers deal with future complaints," wrote Arnd Haller, Google's general counsel for Germany, in a German-language statement sent to Deutsche Welle by e-mail."The court has confirmed that neutral services like Google are not obligated to pre-check the legality of content stored with a hosting service."However, we acknowledge that the court has defined strict requirements for this liability, that aim at safeguarding free speech." Many Internet activists remain concerned, however, that the ruling could have a chilling effect of online speech.

"We criticize the Federal Court's decision to make platform-providers liable for user-generated content, as it forces providers to act as judges in order to avoid prosecution themselves," wrote Markus Beckedahl, chairman of the German digital rights advocacy group digitale Gesellschaft.There is also not an obligation on the part of Google to be 'on call' for people who feel their rights have been infringed upon to remove statements of fact.In this regard, Google was concerned that such an obligation would be dangerous to freedom of expression and information on the Internet." Google lost two lower court decisions Google argued that German law did not apply in this situation as Google is an American company, but the court rejected this argument as two previous courts had also done.Here you will find xxx actions with teens, milfs, grannies, with blondes, brunettes, redheads, Asians, Latinas, Europeans and other babes. XXX has grown exponentially in the last few months to become the web's #1 source for free streaming porn online! It all honesty, it really doesn't matter because we have it all!

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