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partner up with like-minded journalists and try, try again.I am delighted to inform all wayward visitors to this page that we are resurrecting Nevada News Bureau, Inc. The new website will launch on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, on the day of Governor Sandoval’s State of the State address.

“Ensuring that poor Nevadans have access to primary health care through Medicaid is very simply the right thing to do, both for our citizens and our economy,” said Sen. “It will reduce our rate of uninsured and provide individuals with greater economic security.” State Sen. “Nevada’s health care indicators continually trail its neighboring states and regularly rank among the worst in the nation,” (Continue reading…) CARSON CITY – Gov.

It was the third consecutive month of modest gaming wins for the state.

For the 2013 fiscal year that began July 1, the gaming win has increased 4.6 percent.

“As such, I am forced to accept it as today’s reality and I have decided to expand Nevada’s Medicaid coverage. The award will mean up to million to the district.

An application submitted by the Clark County School District did not receive funding.

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    This understates real liabilities as it ignores unfunded pension and healthcare obligations. Its net international investment is -32 per cent of GDP, superior to Spain (-92 per cent) and Portugal (-100 per cent).

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    However, viewing relatively soft economic data as being temporary, the United States Federal Reserve chose to increase the Fed funds rate by 25 basis points.

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