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Until next time be good, stay off the chems and stop doing what people tell you to.

The 2002 especially, I would give as a recommendation for someone who is looking for a vanilla chai latte scent.

The bottom did not have a sticker but instead had the Dior info stamped on in matte gold foil (unlike 20 version which both had stickers with batch code stamped in a designated spot on the sticker.) Also the 20 bottles did not have the gold rim around the neck whereas the 2012 did, which differentiates them as the oldest versions and the newer version (not counting the latest 2014 offering.) That's it for the outside bottle differences, onto the scent itself. 2012, the 2002 definitely smells sweeter and my pick for favorite.

However beyond the extra sweetness, these scents feel 95% the same.

(I have synesthesia when I inhale perfume scent very deeply.

My brain starts to interpret things as if they were taste as well as smell.) So in conclusion, these scents are 95% the same.

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