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So, I get the phenomenon of accusing Instagram for stealing, but it signals something very fundamental about us, about what is often referred to as human nature..

When something was ours, we vehemently defended our right to use it, leave it laying on the floor, destroy it, and/or keep you from having it.

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Ignoring how all of us (myself included) have transgressed even our own understanding in this regard, questions comes to mind. Who told our five year old selves that the fact that this is mine means so much?

Who told us how to feel about theft and injustice of and to ours or other’s property, tangible or intangible?

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Small innovations have come with both, enabling more of what was lacking in both; more openness and casualness in Instagram, more global sharing and community building with Snapchat.

I once had a biology teacher who claimed that a positive morality was definitely worth the Christian evangelism of the home of his ancestors, Scotland.

He would say that he understood the introduction of a Biblical ethic to a people who would routinely steal cattle from one clan, just to have the offended clan steal it back, ad infinitum. I find the truth to be that we are made in the image of a just God, but are stained images, understanding but not able to do.

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