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I went to my first intensive in May that year and since then I have healed so much that had you told me before I wouldn't believe you - no way! Apart for my main therapeutic tool: Inner Bonding, I also trained with Jack Canfield at his Self Esteem Foundation to become a Self Esteem Facilitator.I´ve also completed the studies for EFT International Certificate (Emotional freedom Technique/Tapping) and completing the TRE (Trauma Release Exercise ) facilitator training.

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Ha completado los estudios para la certificación internacional de facilitador de EFT (Técnica De Liberación De Emociones/TAPPING) y realiza los estudios de facilitador de TRE (Eliminación de la Tensión y el Trauma).

Emily helped me to discover and access my own truth.

Visit my website at learn more about my programs and services and schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation.

They gave it to me, I called right away and Margaret answered! She told me about Inner Bonding and the intensives.

I decided to make the effort because even if I have to sell my car or spend all my savings I owed it to my self.

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