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I actually don't get to have input about that stuff.(.) I give all the credit for this storyline to Rick and Eriq and everybody.Really, this season is a series of trials and tribulations to see how he comes out the other side. When someone leaves a show that was there from the beginning and we were a big family. Was there a script or a scene or a conversation you had with Rick that really gave you confidence going into season five?Given what you said about the Halstead and Lindsay characters, how did you feel coming in for season five knowing you wouldn’t be acting opposite Sophia anymore? It's kind of like doing a new show a little bit. It was after getting that first script and going, "Whoa, we're really dealing with Halstead having killed a little girl. She's great and she's a really good actor and she's awesome to have on set. It's kind of self-explanatory, it's like, here's Jay, he's kind of alone and feeling a little broken in the world and they're kind of thrown together. Upton makes it clear in this episode that she knows Jay is going through a hard time.

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I don't know how much more we're going to touch on the PTSD.

Yes, he was found to be doing it justly, he was vindicated, but it's a major heartbreaking story." It was like, "Whoa, OK, we're really going to deal with some stuff here." And then there was another episode where Ruzek and Atwater have this great scene where Ruzek is trying to tell a guy to get on the ground and he's got a kid with him and he's black, and they're in a bad neighborhood and the guy doesn't want to do it. With Sophia's absence, you've also had to establish a new onscreen partnership with Tracy Spiridakos' character Upton. She seems to be doing well, and he's really not doing well and he should be relying on her but he's not quick to trust and not quick to let her in. How does this episode and his issues test their partnership?

Ruzek says, "I'm going to shoot you." Atwater is trying to de-escalate the situation and says, ["It's not easy for a black man to get on his knees for a white cop."] It was like, whoa, we're actually dealing with some current events and current tensions and I think we're doing something that's important. I think going forward, he's going to have to rely on her a little more and trust her and let her in a little more about the issues that he's dealing with.

This is his first love interest since Lindsay left so how will this relationship differ from that relationship? She doesn't know who he really is, and he keeps up with the ruse of he's this guy [Ryan], who's really just a character he was playing when he was undercover.

But I think he does care about this person and cares about her loss.

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