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One man in the audience said he knew the sniper's CO in the Marines, who said that the sniper was very much into his role as a killer, and looked forward to being able to kill people legally.

It's odd to think of something that happened in one's own lifetime as a period piece, but younger viewers will understand more of what life was like before ubiquitous global communication.

Because it's rotoscopy, the emotions of the actors carry over and you're able to relate to their feelings.

The rotoscopy also enables the director to place people in the Mall without them actually being there, so there was no need to clear the Mall or to ask for permission to film.

The last part of the film is inter cut with the interviews of the real people whose avatars have been narrating the action.

I saw the film at the Dallas International Film Festival, so the director was there to answer questions at the end.And it allows for a special touch when Claire tells of her fiancé.Claire Wilson is the anchor of the story, having been the first one known shot, and also having been 8 months pregnant at the time.She lay out on the concrete of the Mall in front of the tower for over an hour in the August heat, her dead fiancé beside her, helped only by Rita Starpattern, who ran out to help despite the continued sniping.Other main stories are of the two policemen who killed the sniper, a citizen who helped them, another policeman who went to help at the top of the tower, a freshman with his own story of heroism, a paperboy who was shot, the radio announcer who narrated and warned of the events, and a young woman who only watched.

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