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We enjoyed a great holiday together and we are still going strong! It was Darryl's first attempt at Speed Dating, but I was an old pro.We have been together ever since you helped us connect, and we are getting married on October 6 in Canmore.Wendy and I met at one of your events last November.We just got engaged, and are planning to tie the knot next year.The ironic thing is that we both grew up in small towns in Southern Alberta, not more than 1/2 hour drive apart, yet met through Six minute Dates in Calgary.Because you've done such a great job, you have lost two customers! Regards, Hi Cara, You may remember me from when I went to an event last spring.

Something I have never done or never thought possible.Thank you very much for your professional and friendly service, making it a relaxed and fun experience.It took a few times, but the wait was well worth it.I have never moved in with someone or declared my love for someone due to my past...but I have taken chance after chance with Guy because he makes me feel so safe and protected that my chances won't fail.

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