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A new exhibition at Lotherton Hall tells the stories of Yorkshire miners and their families and reveals the camaraderie, sense of community and often harrowing episodes from a lost way of life.At one time, Healey was one of several individual villages that made up the larger settlement of Ossett.Eight years later, in November 1888, the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway company proposed to apply for powers to enter into an agreement with the Thornhill Local Board, the Ossett-cum-Gawthorpe Local Board and the Calder & Hebble Navigation Company for the construction, near to Healey New Mill, of a footbridge, parallel to and to the south side of, the existing bridge carrying the main railway line over the river Calder.In the event, the footbridge wasn't built for another eight years and it can be safely assumed that there were plenty of people who still used the railway bridge to avoid the longer walk.

Ancient Beginnings The area of Heley or Healey extends roughly from the bottom of what is now Healey Road, westwards towards Earlsheaton, roughly where the Yorkshire Water Mitchell Laithes sewerage treatment farm is located.Calder & Hebble Navigation The picturesque Calder & Hebble Navigation canal runs for twenty-one predominantly rural miles from Sowerby Bridge down to Wakefield and flows through Healey, Ossett where it forms part of the boundary between Ossett and Thornhill (Dewsbury).These days, all you are likely to see are holiday makers in narrow boats enjoying the tranquility of the canal and the picturesque countryside.It is thought that the area was first settled by man because of the abundance of wildfowl and fish and also because the land was fertile enough for the cultivation of cereal crops: The River Calder Ford at Healey The Romans forded the River Calder at lower Healey and the route up the hill towards Runtlings was an important ancient trade and pack-horse route.The ancient road divides here to become Runtlings Lane, the pack-horse way and the drove road (Royal Road) to Wakefield.

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