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Core engine is protocol agnostic enabling support for other protocols - currently also ships JMS support.

Based on an expressive DSL, the scenarios are self explanatory.

Also see Web Site Testing FAQ in the FAQ Part 2 for a discussion of web site testing considerations; also see What's the best way to choose a test automation tool?

in the LFAQ section; there are also articles about web site testing and management in the 'Resources' section. Free open source version supports the HTTP protocol, the $pro version supports binary protocols.

Gatling - Open source stress-testing tool developed in Scala.

Focus on support of the HTTP protocol that makes it a tool of choice for load testing any HTTP server.

Features include automatic recording of test scenarios, distributed load injectors, topological and threshold analysis of anomalies, infrastructure monitoring, creation of custom test reports for each user profile.

In contrast to many other event-based apps it doesn't use callbacks, instead using light-weight processes, through gevent.

They are easy to maintain and can be kept in a version control system.

Load Gen - An open source load testing tool by Stanly Thomas and Mythili Vutukuru, developed as a web app.

Enables users to stress test websites, web apps, and APIs using real browsersnot headless browsers or other emulators.

Simulate globally-distributed traffic or local traffic from a single geographic location.

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