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The ditch in the centre of the image appears as a possible 'cross-dyke' and is prehistoric although it is mirrored to the north by parallel Roman ditches.

Late Iron Age ditches are visible at the bottom of the image.

I give an A to Formsite and I appreciate their service!Silting and deliberate infilling of ditches and pits with magnetically enhanced soil creates a relative contrast against the much lower levels of magnetism within the subsoil into which the feature is cut.Systematic mapping of magnetic anomalies will produce linear and discrete areas of enhancement allowing assessment and characterisation of subsurface features.The black lines represent magnetically enhanced soil and imply the presence of cut ditch-like features whilst the narrow white lines indicate material of low magnetic susceptibility; in this case the oolitic limestone footings of the villa complex.Recent excavation work confirmed the large ditch surrounding the villa, probably dating to the 3rd century.

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