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He graduated from high school in Kabul in 1965, and then spent 10 years studying medicine. At university he became a student leader of the Parcham wing of the fledgling Communist Party.

He was jailed twice, once for leading an egg-throwing attack on the car of Spiro Agnew, the former United States vice- president, who was visiting Afghanistan.

It was a position he was to hold until he took over as president in 1986 (formally from the following year) from Karmal, who stepped down and left the country, ostensibly on health grounds.

When the last Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan in February 1989, there was an almost unanimous prediction that Najibullah would soon fall.

Holl said it violated international law, and jeopardised the efforts being made to secure a peaceful settlement to the conflict in Afghanistan.A big man, Najibullah earned his nickname, the Ox, while at university, where he developed a keen interest in weightlifting and wrestling.During the years of supremacy of the other wing of the Afghan Communist Party, the Khalq wing, Najibullah was sent into virtual exile, along with other Parcham leaders.Pinyin is less useful, and words without tone marks are completely useless.Going out to ewbsite is no fun when you re talking to a brick wall because hookup dating coupling other person is taliban dating website the whole time.

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