Taylor swift dating disney star

Kush-balls seems up for helping the cause, as his father Charles' own incarceration in 2005 has inspired the First Son-in-Law to push prison reform high on his agenda. The supermodel is now being linked to NBA player Ben Simmons, and has been "for a few weeks," according to an insider.

Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania, to Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Gardner (Finlay) Swift.

He caught the eye of certain people in our class until they realised he was so married to his work.

He's very hardworking, very down to earth, very diligent and very gregarious.

She announced at that time that she would no longer go to country music award shows or promote her albums on country radio stations. Swift is more than just a pretty face with a killer voice.

She is also a history buff, noting on her website that she knows American history "like the back of my hand." 14. In fact, she's such a prolific writer that she's credited as one on every song she’s ever released and is the sole writer on more than half of them. Swift is so over the dating scene--and she blames you! Swift is such a force of nature in the music industry that it took her less than 24 hours to get Apple to back down from its decision not to pay royalties to artists for songs played during trials of its new music-streaming service.

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