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” Kara exclaims, her stance screaming disbelief and anger.

Cat knows by her reaction that her lover went to see what exactly she is referring to.“I thought you’d done a runner,” Cat offers as if that’s a perfectly valid reason for her reaction.

No matter how close a manager may feel to an employee, it should never be confused with a real “friendship”.

You might be a “friendly” boss, and maybe even share some of the characteristics of a true friendship. However, the role of a manager transcends friendship and creates a boundary and potential scenarios that would never exist between true friends. If you allow yourself to get emotionally attached to one employee – for whatever reason – but not another, those emotions will consciously or unconsciously influence decisions around raises, layoffs, assignments, promotions, etc….4.

However, if you see your employees as friends, you’re more likely to take it personally.9.

In fact, I would even use stronger words to describe my relationship with some past employees – words like close, supportive, caring, trusting, warm, fun, and respectful.Cat Grant, Queen of All Media, is known to be sporadic even on the best of days and people rather usually prefers to keep their jobs.“Don’t worry, I’ll reimburse you of course,” Cat assures quickly with a dismissive flick of her hand, like it isn’t a big deal that she had a momentary lapse of judgment in her vengeful haze. Cat has just enough time to wonder if there’s an urgent situation requiring Supergirl’s assistance before the woman returns.And she looks livid.“Oh my God, are you kidding me?Cat Grant doesn’t do embarrassed either.“I..have ruined some of your utensils.” “Hey,” Kara asks softly, shifting from one foot to the other nervously as she bites her lip adorably, and Cat has to consciously remind herself that she’s supposed to be mad at the girl. She’s not really known for giving anyone anything for free. She hates when people actually have valid reasons for doing something that causes her offence. But then she remembers what happened that morning and gives Kara what she hopes comes across as a semi remorseful look. ” her assistant asks warily and it takes a conscious effort for Cat to not bite her lip or allow a flush to make it’s way up her neck.Kara fiddles with her glasses for a moment and Cat has to look away from the cute sight; it’s hardly the time to get distracted. Cat Grant doesn’t do embarrassed either.“I..have ruined some of your utensils.”“What?

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