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This jade statute, now in the Genesis Park collection, is made of white colored nephrite with differential weathering, cleaving veins and earth penetration, demonstrating authenticity.(Click to enlarge.) About 4,000 years ago, the Hongshan culture in China produced many wonderful jade dragon carvings (along with other clear animal representations).The creatures on this particular art, which is housed in the Ethnographical Museum of Budapest, bear a striking resemblance to the hadrosaurids species , 1972, plate 10.) Chinese stories and stylized dragon depictions are fairly common. This piece was submitted for industrial X-Ray authentication and the patina was also chemically tested, showing that the artifact was clearly genuine.But an unusual beaked dragon statue came up on the antiquities market and is now in the Genesis Park collection. A beautifully preserved beaked dinosaur mummy ( was discovered in Alberta, Canada in 2013.Although the Ottoman Empire ruled for over six centuries, there are not many depictions of dinosaurian creatures in their artwork (as compared to Medieval European art).Perhaps dragons were not as common in the eastern European/Middle East theater at that time.In 600 BC, under the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar, a Babylonian artist was commissioned to shape reliefs of animals on the structures associated with the Ishtar Gate.Many centuries later German archaeologist Robert Koldewey stumbled upon the blue-glazed brick and that gate was rediscovered in 1899.

The most fascinating element of this vessel is the stylized, scaled dinosaur-like dragon that forms the spout.

The picture shows the guildsmen, followed by clowns and what seems to be a mechanical three-headed dragon.

(Click for an enlargement of the dragon.) Note the similarity to a baby sauropod dinosaur.

Over time these dragon productions became highly stylized and were especially popular as pendants.

Most of these ornamental pieces barely resemble a large reptile, but some of the older dragon statues appear to be attempts at modeling certain dinosaurs.

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