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Francisco Fagen and his girlfriend, Elena Testi, spend time together at a New York Public Library event in midtown Manhattan.The library's live lecture series is a staple of New York's "intellidating" scene.Please become a Guardian Angel today by starting your monthly gift.There’s no better feeling than knowing you are providing hope for a brighter future to people in need in Appalachia.intellect, a Washington-area company, launched in August 2005 and has built up to 6,000 members, according to co-founder Cindy Embleton.Over the past two years -- but particularly in the past 12 months -- dozens of cultural institutions have seized on the demand, offering events that draw the intellidating crowd and help the establishments cultivate younger clienteles.A 45-minute cocktail reception precedes each debate, after which comes a cranial lucha libre where, on one night, author Michael Crichton sparred with other panelists on global warming.

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Last year, New York's Museum of Modern Art began Pop Rally, an event aimed at young couples and singles that mixes cocktails, music and art."We've both been going to bars and clubs less because events like these are more provocative," said Paul Torres, an MTV producer holding hands with his girlfriend of eight months, IT manager Amy Stemmler, also 30. But at least we're getting inside each other's heads." In New York and other northeastern urban centers, including Washington and Boston, gray matter is the new black of the hip social scene.Recent dates have included a museum crawl at Mo MA and a discussion titled "Was the 20th Century a Mistake? Thousands of young singles and couples are eschewing the perfunctory dinner and a movie for a growing circuit of late-night museum prowls, Oxford-style debates with pre-feud cocktail parties and book readings with cash bars and after-hour bands.It's a chance to impress a mate, or a potential date, by flexing a body part that has lost ground in recent years to biceps and pecs -- the brain."Let's face it, there really is nothing more sensual than caressing someone's mind," said Paul Holdengräber, who launched the library's live lecture series that is now a staple of New York's "intellidating" scene.

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    He may leave the village, but it is certain death, for thousands of miles of desolate wolf-infested wilderness stand between him and other humans and he has no food. He is treated as nonexistent, as the villagers await his demise. The villagers then cannibalize his emaciated corpse, reasoning that they cannot be compelled to give him a dignified burial (plus he died on private property, collapsing in a flowerbed). Well, even if that village is a democracy, then 51% of the population can just vote to kill and eat him! Because that’s what your ‘democracy’ inevitably leads to! ” The delegates were only less dazed by the man’s speech than by his sudden appearance. Libertarians come to their position for a wide variety of reasons, including belief that bottom-up local knowledge makes better decisions than top-down absolutism, or that government intervention naturally favors the powerful, or that if you actually ask poor people what they want, it’s usually more money, not people taking choices away from them and treating them like children.

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