Too fast in dating

I wonder what my previous relationships would have been like had I shared my truth, had I chosen love over fear. There is not a more beautiful thing than operating as such.Try saying “I love you” to someone you just met and see what happens.Some may find it hard to find someone who they can start a relationship with.And sometimes some men may become so desperate as too try to commit themselves to someone quite early. First of all, guys who commit to a relationship too early are in some trouble.Soon after I declared my mission of expressing my love for the entire human population, I met a guy.We shared some quality time and on our second date I told him I loved him.I explained it this way: I love everyone, which means I love you.And when I say this to you it doesn’t mean I want to take away any of your freedom, nor does it mean I have any expectations of you. It was very interesting to share these words with someone without it automatically meaning we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

It was going to feel amazing, honest and benevolent.

And even after the words were said, I’d take my time and be careful not to let too many sentiments of love and affection slip out too soon. I loved him the first day I met him, but I kept it inside.

I heard that if I told a guy how I really felt early on he’d get scared away. I really, really adored this man but standard protocol was to wait for him to say it first. I knew we were over, but I wasn’t about to let those beautiful words just rot inside my chest.

When you say “I love you” to someone, you can’t help but act like you love and care about them.

There isn’t really a bigger thing you can say to someone, so all the other nice words just underneath “I love you” come out a lot easier.

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