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Essentially the VIEW is such that makes it non-updatable, so you write INSTEAD OF trigger to perform the logic behind the scenes.I don't think you need this, I think you can do it without a view, by just storing your original date column as a INTEGER / NUMBER in Oracle, and adding a 2nd column that is real DATE type, and adding a plain BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE ...Definitelly you are speaking about updating of views.If you would like to update (insert) via the view then you should use INSTEAD OF trigger(s).I think this is a bad decision, and a waste of money.If you want to deal with integers, you COULD just use an integer column instead.Except the wording of that makes me think that instead of inserting do the following...

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You have to figure out the way how should be the base tables inserted. Wouldn't my above code snippet work properly with an INSTEAD OF INSERT trigger?Unfortunately going to 11g probably isn't viable, as we already have licensing for 10g.So I guess it all boils down to, can my C programs insert dates as type long? Could the sql section of the trigger simply do: : NEW.mydate := to_date('12/31/1899','MM/D Inserting in views? If your view is not simple you have programmatically code HOW will you insert in the base table(s).FOR EACH ROW trigger that will convert the INTEGER column to the actual DATE.I will post an actual example as soon as I take care of morning things, like coffee and voicemail.

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