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Trip It - Trip It is great for managing plans before and during your trip, although it also works well as a history of where you've been - however there are only very basic functionality for reporting on your history other than on a trip-by-trip basis.Trip It is free, with a paid version available that adds additional features.The following additions are made to the definition of this property.Purpose: This property specifies a URL from where the calendar data was retrieved or where it can be refreshed.there is nothing in the standard specifying the update rate.

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Is there a tool available where all my travel can be added to a map?Property Name: REFRESH-INTERVAL Purpose: This property specifies a suggested minimum interval for polling for changes of the calendar data from the original source of that data.Value Type: DURATION - no default Property Parameters: IANA and non-standard property parameters can be specified on this property.Conformance: This property can be specified once in an i Calendar object.Description: This property specifies a URL identifying the source of the calendar data and a location from where updates can be retrieved.

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