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The Pokémon franchise arrived in Norway with the launch of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the release of Pokémon Red and Blue.Bergsala A/S is Nintendo's distributor in Scandinavia, and as a result the company also owns the Pokémon franchise in Norway.President Putin inspecting a guard of honour at the Heroes of Severomorsk memorial, close to the Norwegian border, in 2014.Nearly 300 people died when a munitions depot at Severomorsk exploded in 1984A Russian flotilla of battleships is making its way through the Mediterranean on its way to support a fresh attack on Aleppo by the Assad regime, and it is believed the submarines were going to join them.

Norway receives the same Wi-Fi events as the rest of the PAL region. Events were announced at the official Pokémon forums of Norway before its shutdown in 2013.Aura Mew was given out the first time in fall 2007, and at the TCG championships in 20.The top 10 most wanted was given out the first time in 2006, and the last time before it was sent back to Nintendo was in 2008.The 9th season, Battle Frontier, has never been shown on television, but was streamed online on TV2's streaming service TV2 Sumo the summer of 2009.Most episodes of the series were simply the American broadcast version with an added dub track, and for certain early episodes, a list of key dub voice actors shown after the American credit roll.

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