Updating adm files

So how do all those in-the-box policy settings for Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates and User Configuration | Administrative Templates get there in the first place?If you right-click the words "Administrative Templates" in the GPOE and select "Add/Remove Templates" on either the User or Computer side, you'll see the default templates that make up the standard configuration in Figure 1. Use them to pack some knowledge into your definition file and control your target application. Specifically, the files cannot perform the following: To overcome these limitations, Microsoft and some third parties have solutions to assist you.The Administrative Templates node appears on both the User and Computer sides.As you'd expect, users can only embrace User-side policy settings and computers can only embrace Computer-side policy settings.Group Policy Preferences are fully integrated with the Group Policy Management Console and Advanced Group Policy Management in Windows Server 2008. Just right-click the words "Administrative Templates" and then click "Add," as shown in Figure 1, to add in the template.

This ADM template allows us to squelch the "Do you want to add your passport?The GPOE puts up a little safety gate before it allows you to see these settings because the settings that don't write to these four proper Policies keys will tattoo the Registry.So, even if you whack the GPO, there's no way the setting will revert back.var microsoft = microsoft

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