Updating bios from cd kris williams dating barry

A boot loader is the first program that runs when a computer starts.

It is responsible for selecting, loading and transferring control to an operating system kernel.

The post-GPT gap can also be used as the BIOS boot partition though it will be out of GPT alignment specification.

To disable this, uncomment This mode determines where the Windows bootloader resides and chain-loads it after Grub when the menu entry is selected.

Usually the post-MBR gap (after the 512 byte MBR region and before the start of the first partition) in many MBR (or 'msdos' disklabel) partitioned systems is 31 Ki B when DOS compatibility cylinder alignment issues are satisfied in the partition table.

However a post-MBR gap of about 1 to 2 Mi B is recommended to provide sufficient room for embedding GRUB's (FS#24103).

In fdisk or gdisk create a new partition starting at sector 34 and spanning to 2047 and set the type.

To have the viewable partitions begin at the base consider adding this partition last.

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