Updating gps units

If you have not already done so, Content Manager will ask you to log in and register the device.Then click on "Check for Updates" in the main screen of Content Manager.In addition to letting you download new maps and content onto your device, it can also be used to back up device information like saved addresses and routes.To download new data from Content Manager, make sure your Magellan GPS is fully charged, power it off and connect it to a computer running Content Manager with a USB cable.Before we start, Chinavasion has come to the party with a wide range of GPS handheld devices ready for any GPS software that you might want to throw on it, at really low prices.Just like our phones we provide GPS devices without software, ready for you to load on whichever suits you.

Follow this step-by step guide on how to install the GPS software on our 5 Inch touchscreen GPS Unit Once you are in the settings menu you will need to find the navigational path option, this could be on the first page of options but if it isn’t press the arrow button to see if it is in the second menu.When you search for updates, the package description will let you know if the update is free or requires payment.In the case of paid updates, Content Manager will direct you to Magellan's website where you can make a secure payment before downloading the data.Now you are in the file selection menu and your job is to find an file to initiate the GPS software.To do this in this model you hit the arrow button beside a file entry point.

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