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This will select all the current patches that are appropriate for your system and installed drivers.Then when you select install/analysis, it will check which of those patches are already there and give you warnings (and often errors!I'm working with an HP-UX 11.31 server which has been out of its support contract for about a month now.I'm trying to determine whether any patches have been released for HP-UX in that time that this server hasn't received, but I can't find an official list of released patches from HP. Or is there another way to determine whether it is missing any updates?Once an analysis has been performed, you can use SWA to download any recommended patches or patch bundles and create a depot ready for installation.New for HP-UX 11i releases as of January 2007, the SWA tool's bundle name is .SWA combines the versatility and power of the HP IT Resource Center (ITRC) Patch Assessment and Security Patch Check (SPC) utilities, and is the HP-recommended utility to use to maintain currency with HP-published security bulletins for HP-UX software.SWA can perform a number of checks, including applicable security bulletins and installed patches with critical warnings.

Get the latest tutorials on Sys Admin, Linux/Unix and open source topics via RSS/XML feed or weekly email newsletter.That way you can still back patches out if they cause a problem. The initial goal was to find out which was the last "general release" patch bundle that was installed on the machine.I found out that if I do a swlist with no args it gives you an output like this: uotjet1 # swlist # Initializing...SWA is delivered as a recommended (default-installed) product in all OEs.The HP-UX Software Assistant website at https://com/go/swa provides a product overview, download links, documentation links, and installation instructions.

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