Updating w810i mobile

The other immediately noticeable design features are the new keypad, navigation button and soft keys.The new keypad has oblong-shaped buttons that are more spaced out than on the W800i.Talktime lasted for around 7 hours but only around 3 to 4 hours when using the MP3 player moderately.Design The W810i is the fourth Walkman-branded phone we've seen so far and Sony Ericsson seems to be carefully refining its musical line of mobiles with each iteration, this time with an upgrade of the W800i.Sony Ericsson is undoubtedly a frontrunner in terms of mobile technology.With phones like the W800i Walkman phone and the K750i camera phone storming the mobile charts over the past year, and the upcoming set to do the same later this year, it's been interesting to see what Sony Ericsson has been doing in the meantime.Aside from that, the interface is identical to the W800i's -- if you interested in seeing what that is like, check out the W800i review.Performance The audio quality on calls was good and the MP3 player sounded good and was loud enough to hear on the tube.

The top half lets you access the menu and the bottom half is a cancel key.

The W810i is black, though, which is a huge improvement if white and orange isn't your thing.

The entire handset including keys is black except for the dedicated Walkman key, a Walkman symbol on the bottom and back, and an orange portrait mirror.

There's a Memory Stick Duo slot on the bottom left side and a play and pause button on the top left side.

On the top is an infrared port and the on and off button.

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