Updating wiki process

If upgrading to ZCS 8.7.0, you need to completely disable SSLv3 support after the upgrade.

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To continue the upgrade, see Multi-Server Environment Upgrade Steps.

Whenever upgrading, it is recommended that you check the values of the following attributes ( See https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Cipher_suites for the most current information on cipher suite configuration.

Administrators who want to customize the ZCO installation MSI should use the unsigned version of the MSI (Zimbra Connector OLK_n.n.n.nnnn_xnn-unsigned.msi), available in the Zimbra download directory.

Be sure to read the release note information before upgrading.

Note: Bug 105056 noted a problem that can occur during a rolling upgrade if two factor authentication (2FA) is enabled before all mailbox servers have been upgraded to 8.7.

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