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These articles in question were based mainly around Halo, various T-shirts, shorts, hats and even full-body suit costumes were seen not only being worn by current Avatars but also in Avatar Store demonstration pictures and videos.

The people who had access to these also were spotted to have a mysterious achievement in their profile named 'Xbox 360 Beta' and was orange in color with a Beta symbol and the number 09 – it was concluded that they were actually beta testing the new Avatar Marketplace.

Purchases made from the latest version of the Avatar Store will work on every Xbox experience including Xbox 360.

Some games allow players to unlock clothing for their avatars by meeting certain conditions such as unlocking the required achievement.

It was announced at Game Developers Conference on March 24, 2009 that the XNA framework 3.1 would have an API to support Avatars in indie games.

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Across all of these experiences, users will have access to their entire closet of items that they've purchased or have been awarded throughout the Xbox ecosystem.

Xbox Live GM Ben Kilgore stated in 2008 that Avatars will only be available for games that have an E10 rating or lower only (featuring content that is considered suitable for children under 10 years of age).

This may change sometime in the future, though presumably in Microsoft's own games if it ever happens, to monitor their usage in mature games.

Games that currently award Avatar Awards are listed below.

This feature is discontinued from Xbox One since the avatars on Xbox One does not support Avatar Awards anymore as of June 1, 2016.

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