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Oct a seed- sower aud plant yotir seed, not to (hirk. ha\e paiii Mid both the Seujtc aud Ilou^e is the one introduced by lion . Next go along with a hand rake, and smooth oft" the tops of tho ritlge, being sure to keep it straight. Duluth is to have this season ten steam- ers running to aud from Chicago, Ijf- ffars his ser Tioes to the surrou Bdi Djt country, 1 leen to and from Ruffalo. mere and Belter Cooking, doing it Quicker and Chaper Than any stove of sau e cost Charter Oak Are always Low Mortfaye Sal*. " the "I dout miu.l telling vou," replied the man, " a.s you »lo not know much of these parts, that I think it very doubt- ful whether many of t hose who have to plunge in cau get to the opp.side at all. ]olis Iraves Chdska about 9 o'clock since Monday last. The effort simply made the ruling pow er show its hand. Why are you so much afraid to cross the river .'" The man did not answer at first; he seemed to be thinking of his work : at Ifugth ht- lo.k.d up aud said—" Wheu any of „iir friends are for, we al- ways fay they are gone over into that beautiful eouutry ; but, to tell you the truth, thi H rivt r m m, extiemelv tleep and wide, aud it rushes along so swift- ly "Well? would ma«t re«p)*ctfullv call the attention of ^«n Carve.-, London ' Glasgow ' Bremen ' Ckristiana ' ' Gothenburg ' Jrom Naw York to Londoa, , • Edinburg « ' ' B#Ua,t * I^ublin ' ' .* incite rdaa ' * Brcuiie.u ' ' i Jamburf * ' Christiana ■' ' Copenhagen ■• ' Got Lejburg fall on us before purchaiin antagcs of a "Local Conipauy' i-«uilned with the pre-eminent ability, safety and j«eurity «f au old firmly established Com- pany. You can try your sower and regulate it on ii board, to sow about twice tiii.s amount; then, when the filants are up, about two or three inches high, so that you can sie the rows plainly, give them a good and unsparing thinning out. It is a common fault to sow too much beet seed ; the beets must stand live or six iucijes apart finall.v. Amuu Dt claimed tu be due at the date of this Notice, Four hundred, aad Two dollars, aud thirty three cents. " No oi* told me there was a bnd^"." " Oh ves, " •■eplied the man, "theie is t». A BOOR I OR THE Bf OLLJOIf I A pritft UCes BMlcrtcta* Mftrri»4 at ihos« ftt« k(rt a Bd«r lock aadkc T. It eu Qisini tb« tip«n«an kad mdric* of* phri Maa vho M reputation ti wor M.wtd*, and ibosld b* la iht prl- vau drawer of ertry malt asi -emaieihronghoa;tbt ac Ur* (lob«. • Township one hundred, and sixteeo (lift) North, of Range twenty four i-4 wfsi. Whereas, default ba lor the sale gt 1 a/am ~ a "Morris* Carpenters and Builders o«'*';'*'»Ji'«'-«^»:«'*;f'^-«'»»««*ud Kvr Gia«N... m having; prnited to order a pam- phlet fr'ini tomo of the seimoiis of llngham Younj;. Mve matter, the verliatiin lan-iiii-e of the prophet, is incredibly vile. 1 will show y*»u the river.' So he led him over several gvccn Ih IIh, and down into a diep valley, till they e:\mc lo »he edge of a whirliug. • t moved along with such a thundering noise that the strauget shuddered an«l Mid — " I hoi»e, sir, it is^ tiot true that all the i^»eople ui the city are obliged to cross this river .' ' "Yes, it is .luite true," answered the man. l*o you think any man could nwim over here in safety i '' "No." Slid the man, looking verv sorrowful, "it is quite impossible* and we should all be lottt if it \%ere not for the Hriilge." "THE ni Ul HH::* exclaimed the stranger, very much .-urprised.

I may a.s well remark here, for the- I'cnefit of thoss who have never raised a cro]) of beets, they are very qnick growers wheu young, and being of a yellowish green are immtv diately distinguished fnuii all weeds.

We hope the injuries aie not permanent, — Fritz Moy, the inevitable Fritz from W instead Mc Leod County calle 1 at our office on Wednesday last. Not New.— The Charter Oak Stoves were introduced to the public twenty years ago, and the demand for them has with each succeeding year. "An- derson's Dermador" ie the best Liniment io use for Horses. Be-sules, sometimes sent for in the dark, aud, as I said before, the messenger never waits till we are ready." rather die than use tho bridge ? But uo such apprtiou as being charged with mephitic gases is expressetl by the inhabitauts.

and ae Ve O or 4 U prepared to treat 'horo"ghly sil Chrooie j^, ^^ Ca Uadii M "u M Pkrsonal, — We are sorry to hear that Cul Haxter slipped aud felt upon the Capital steps injuring his shoulder 80 as to disable him for some time. Members of the Legisla- ture may be expected home oo Monday next. I am afraid the strong ti«le car- ries some of them down until they are lost. "Some of tbeiu have built nieut of what he has done ; i j he not sorry that he btiilt a bridge lor such a thankless race r" "No," said the man, "though they slight his oflers of safety, he still scutls ambassadors to call tiiein to him, even at tho very brink of the river. ni, and by night, wheu all is still, he comes to their doors aud knocks : if any man will open to him, he will enter uud snp him. But it startleil me beyond mcar^ire wheu he told me the name «d that country ; lor it had the same name as my own ! The impression tliat wh'-n still wat«'r in pools aud in canals where is scarcely a movement is extremely dangerous, and especially when covered with con- ferva? Al the Hague, thei'apitalof Holland, tiireaded with canals in which no current is per- ceptibh", they are so densely carpetetl with a thiek green .scum, strangers turn away from them iu f»'ar, us though tiny were poisoning the atmosphere.

where they taught them the peculiar Icamiug of the place, with variouii arts aud tradesi, b.y x^hich the *^j Ts soon learned to gel thoir own hviu? katta' work so matur what joardiaaaa* la, or baw daplor* MILWAUKEE St Paul and Minneapolis RAILWAY. The Od Ij all Kail Litae, And the only Route by which Bag-age Minneapolis Maxble Works is Checked Throu'rh to ablajoor eo Bdiuon. Batta oecopica a dosbla beaia of twanijaa Tta noiaa: i alodorat'l by aoma o f tha moat aclabraiad madi- •alprafaaaora of Lbia eoontrj and K a re pa, aod eaa bacoa- faltcd peraeaa U/ or bj mail, oa ttiadiaaaaaa mao Uontdla hij woru.

This cau be done b«fore it is advisalde t to feed to the cows: then take a team aud plow, turn one furrow away from eaeh row aud then throw them out ; have them picked up and thrown iu het^ps to dry, then put away for winter and keep iu a dark place. a weakness an-i irr Ki Ve state of ihe stotwach, ar.d g'eat^t of the b»-i»ci^, b-:in^ r •zf.-:-\ tip with ritiatcd acciirmi'ati»n-.

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