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Part-time studies are aimed at working people who want to further their careers through evening / Saturday classes.

The following courses are scheduled at various campuses for 2015.

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At the cutting edge of research in various academic, technology, medicine, law and business spheres, the country’s public higher education institutions offer a range of study and research options for local and international students.

South Africa began restructuring its higher education system in 2003 to widen access to tertiary education and reset the priorities of the old apartheid-based system.

Only single swingers are allowed at our parties, we don't cater for couples.

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We create intimate spaces for those who like dancing or lounging and a more open setting for exhibitionists to indulge, from women who want to explore their desires together, from the sensual and sublime to the intense and erotic, our settings allow the greatest degree of sexy play with a complete sense of safety.

Decompress from the daily stresses as you sip champagne and cocktails while lounging and flirting with new friends.

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