Validating and processing forms with javascript and php lastest online dating site

Each function from further steps should be placed where I made comment so between. Adding javascript functions to your HTML form elements should be easy because it is very similar to adding CSS classes to them.Also to make it easier I tried to create functions from further steps alike to each other so that you can apply them almost the same way but for sure I will add some sample files each step to show you how it is made and I will write a little explanation to them.There are various places to put the javascript code as it was with CSS.It can either be written inside the main_file using a tag or put to the other file and then include this file to main_I advise to modify styles a little by choosing different colors and values so that they could fulfill your requirements.

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Also you should now add class parameter to each text field and elements that should have some style.

This tutorial will help you to add more functionality to your forms that leads to better user experience and better website quality.

You may also enhance your already existing forms with adding some fancy effects that are presented in this tutorial. Info: If you’d like to modify your existing forms, skip the HTML and CSS sections of this tutorial and go ahead to step number five.

Generally if you want to add function (let’s say updatelength() from Step 7 – Counter) to login field you should replace: The only thing that has changed is on Key Up=”updatelength(‘logid’, ‘login_length’)” was added.

Well, if we add something like this to our input we will observe what function is returning outcome in div tag with id “login_length”. Because updatelength() function starts like this “function updatelength(field, output){…” (Step 7 – Counter) and that means it requires two arguments which are ID OF TEXT FIELD IN HTML and ID OF DIV WHERE RESULT WILL BE. :) Rest of functions are similar to this one so I hope it won’t be a problem to apply it. Notes: So, here goes first script to improve our sign up form.

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